Sergeant Venson Lee Abercrombie
U.S. Army Air Corps World War II -Deceased 2012

Colonel Anthony J. Adessa
US Army Vietnam -Deceased 2020

Mrs. Virginia M. Alden
Air Force Mother -Deceased 2020

Lieutenant Colonel Michael Anderson
Vietnam -Deceased 2016

Major Eugene W. Arnett
Wisconsin National Guard -Deceased 2017

Earlene Costner Arnold
U.S. Army Spouse -Deceased 2014

Lieutenant Colonel Daniel A. Augustine
Operation Desert Storm -Deceased 2018

Daniel P. Baca
U.S. Army Son -Deceased 2015

Major Jesse M. Baltazar, USAF (Ret)
US Army, World War II (Bataan Death March), Korean War, Vietnam -Deceased 2016

Norma Barbee
U.S. Army Spouse -Deceased 2005

Brigadier General Bruce H. Barlow
US Army Steven Sosland -Deceased 2019

Bettie Maria Barrow
Army Spouse -Deceased 2018

Lieutenant George C. Bass
US Army 2d Squadron, 7th Cavalry, 1st Cavalry Division, KIA in Vietnam -Deceased 1971

Richard Berton
US Air Force -Deceased 2017

Colonel (Doctor) Ken Block
-Deceased 2012

Colonel Robert E. Boulter
World War II -Deceased 1987

Lieutenant Colonel Claude J. Brown
-Deceased 2008

Captain Frank E. (Bud) Brown
U.S. Army Air Forces World War II and the Korean War -Deceased 2008

Jane Schuhl Brown
U.S. Army Spouse, Foreign Service Spouse, Army Mother, Army Grandmother -Deceased 2007

Lieutenant Keirn C. Brown
World War II -Deceased 2012

Virginia Maxwell Brown
World War II Red Cross Volunteer in the China-India-Burma Theater; Army Special Services, Army Daughter, Army Wife, and Army Mother -Deceased 2020

Private Thomas Watson Brown
U.S. Army -Deceased 1918

Jerry Cook Brown (Mrs. Arthur E. Brown Jr.)
Army Spouse -Deceased 2015

Colonel James M. Brown, Jr.
US Army -Deceased 2017

William P. Buckelew
US Army Air Corps World War II -Deceased 2017

Lieutenant Colonel Jerry L. Buckley
Vietnam -Deceased 2015

William E. Butterworth III
US Army Korean War -Deceased 2019

Lieutenant Colonel Walter Capps
US Army Vietnam -Deceased 2019

Sergeant David Cendejas, Sr.
U.S. Army World War II -Deceased 2011

Lieutenant General Paul G. Cerjan
Vietnam -Deceased 2011

Captain Richard G. Cliff
1st Battalion, 7th Special Forces Group Killed in Action, Afghanistan -Deceased 2008

Lieutenant Colonel William R. Closs
Vietnam -Deceased 2010

Carol Coleman
Army Civilian -Deceased 2018

William C. (Bill) Coleman, Jr.
World War II, participated in Normandy invasion -Deceased 2013

Major Cliff M. Collins
U.S.A.F. Korea and Vietnam -Deceased 1996

General Robert W. Cone
US Army Iraq and Afghanistan -Deceased 2016

Major Joseph Salvatore Costantino
World War II -Deceased 2007

Lieutenant General John (Jack) Costello
Vietnam -Deceased 2010

Colonel Robert D. (Bob) Costello
Operation Iraqi Freedom -Deceased 2015

Lydia Cosumano
U.S. Army Spouse -Deceased 2011

Lieutenant Alan R. Cotariu
U.S. Navy -Deceased 1980

Julia Gardner Coulman
Army/Marine Corps Spouse - Marine Corps Mother -Deceased 2020

Chief Warrant Officer Four Jim Crouch
World War II and Korea -Deceased 2018

Jacqueline Pate De Fatta
Army Wife and Army Mother -Deceased 2015

Nancy Lee Delisanti
Army Daughter, Army Spouse -Deceased 2018

Matthew T. Delisanti
Army Son -Deceased 2018

Lieutenant Thomas A. Dellwo
US Army 19th Artillery Regiment, 1st Cavalry Division, Wounded in Vietnam -Deceased 1971

Dottie DiGennaro
U.S. Army Spouse -Deceased 2013

Brigadier General Ivey Oscar Drewry Jr.
World War II -Deceased 2013

Lieutenant Colonel James P. Durbin
Vietnam -Deceased 2013

Colonel Jack Fanning
Vietnam -Deceased 2011

Colonel Henry Ransaville "Rance" Farrell
Vietnam -Deceased 2014

Brigitte Fischetti
U.S. Army Spouse, Army Mother -Deceased 2008

Chief Warrant Officer Charlie Fischetti
-Deceased 2017

Sergeant Dillon Charles Fisher
U.S. Army Iraq -Deceased 2019

Joanne Flynn
U.S. Army Spouse, Army Mother -Deceased 2010

Colonel Jess Franklin Gamble
World War II, European Theater -Deceased 1982

Eleanor Winifred Gamble (Mrs. Jess F. Gamble)
Army Civilian, Army Spouse -Deceased 2009

Gerome "Jerry" Garman
USAF 1968-1972 -Deceased 2013

Beth Garrett
Army Spouse -Deceased 2020

Phyllis Brown Gault
Army Daughter, Army Mother -Deceased 2017

Chaplain (Colonel) Wesley V. Geary
US Army Vietnam -Deceased 2016

Command Sergeant Major Ray Godfrin
Vietnam -Deceased 2016

Lilyan Goldberg
Army Mother -Deceased 2017

Chief Warrant Officer Four Jose E. Gonzales
World War II -Deceased 2010

Lieutenant Colonel James A. Green
Korea and Vietnam -Deceased 2011

Marian Green
Army spouse, Army mother -Deceased 2011

Carol Green
US Air Force Spouse Widow of Col (Ret) Jess Green (USAF) -Deceased 2017

General Ronald Griffith
US Army Vietnam -Deceased 2018

Private First Class Clyde D. Grim, Jr.
US Army World War II, Third Army -Deceased 2014

Sergeant Cecil D. Gunby
US Air Force Vietnam -Deceased 2014

Captain Jerome R. Hackett
US Army Military Assistance Command, Vietnam (combat related death) -Deceased 1993

Lieutenant General Robert D. Hammond
Vietnam -Deceased 2014

Colonel Howard I Harmatz
-Deceased 2016

First Sergeant Richard J. Harmon
US Army World War II and Korea -Deceased 2017

Brigadier General G. Stewart Harper
U.S. Army Air Corps and U.S. Air Force Korean War -Deceased

Command Sergeant Major George W. Harper
US Army Korean War, Vietnam -Deceased 2018

Colonel William Thomas Harris
World War II and Korean War -Deceased 2012

Bonnie Hart
Army Spouse -Deceased 2016

PFC Errold Hastey
World War II, 350th Infantry -Deceased killed in action 14 May 1944 in Italy

Eoline T (Sugar) Hayden
Army Daughter, Army Spouse -Deceased 2016

Kristen Yvonne Haynes
Army daughter, Army spouse -Deceased 2011

Command Sergeant Major Bobby L. Henderson
-Deceased 2015

Lieutenant Guy W. Hester, Jr
US Army 3d Battalion, 21st Infantry, Americal Division, KIA in Vietnam -Deceased 1970

Colonel Ralph L. Hodge (USAF, Ret)
US Army and US Air Force Korean War, Vietnam -Deceased 2019

Chief Master Sergeant Ralph Moyer Hoke
U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army Air Forces World War II -Deceased 2007

Specialist Paul Holmes
US Army -Deceased

Sergeant James J. Holtom
Idaho, 321st Engineer Battalion -Deceased killed in action in Iraq, February, 2009

Colonel Joe House
US Army Vietnam -Deceased 2017

Major General Victor J. Hugo, Jr.
US Army Vietnam -Deceased 2020

Colonel Michael Hutchison
US Army Desert Storm -Deceased 2019

Captain Glen S. Ivey
US Army Military Assistance Command, KIA in Vietnam -Deceased 1972

Captain William D. (Billy) Jackson
US Army Vietnam -Deceased 2019

Sergeant Harlan C. Jeffery
USMC World War II, Iwo Jima landing -Deceased 2013

Brigadier General J. Morgan Jellett
U.S. Army (Retired) Vietnam -Deceased 2020

Brigadier General John G. Jones
-Deceased 2014

William (Bill) Jones
Army National Guard -Deceased 2016

Sergeant Terry Jordan
U.S. Marine Corps Korea -Deceased 2015

Lieutenant H. Grady Jordan
U.S. Navy World War II -Deceased 2015

Second Lieutenant Jeffrey J. Kaylor
1st Battalion, 39th Field Artillery, Third Infantry Division -Deceased killed in Iraq, March 2003

Lieutenant Colonel Dale Keller
US Army Vietnam -Deceased 2019

Earl J. Kilmurray
U.S. Army World War II -Deceased 2009

Lieutenant Thomas P.B. King
US Army 8th Cavalry, 1st Cavalry Division, KIA in Vietnam -Deceased 1971

Colonel Richard Kline
Vietnam -Deceased 2016

Stan Kordek
World War II -Deceased

PFC Andy Krippner
2d Battalion, 27th Infantry, 25th Infantry Division Killed in Action, Afghanistan -Deceased 2011

Staff Sergeant John F. Kusior
U.S. Army Air Corps Pacific Theater, World War II -Deceased 2013

Doctor Emory Ladanyi
U.S. Army World War II, Sicily/Italy campaign -Deceased 1986

Helon LaGree
Army Mother -Deceased 2015

Anne Kimbrough "Kim" Lasch
Army Spouse -Deceased 2018

Mrs. Anne Lawrence
Army Spouse -Deceased 2017

Paul W. Leslie, Jr.
-Deceased 2015

LTG (USA, Ret) Donald M. Lionetti
Vietnam -Deceased 2019

First Lieutenant Scott Love
2d Battalion, 6th Infantry, First Armored Division -Deceased killed in Iraq, June 2006

Lieutenant General Robert J. Lunn
1950-1983 -Deceased 2012

Colonel Thomas Brock Maertens
Korea and Vietnam -Deceased 2006

John Max Marcus
Army Father -Deceased 2011

Chaplain (Colonel) Robert Freeman Mashburn
World War II, Korean War, and Vietnam -Deceased 2014

Major General J. Hollis V. McCrea, Jr.
US Army Vietnam -Deceased 2020

Lieutenant Carl B. McGee
US Army 1st Battalion, 46th Infantry, Americal Division, KIA in Vietnam -Deceased 1971

Major James T. McGowen
U.S. Air Force -Deceased 2006

Colonel Jim McHone
-Deceased 2015

Major Lynn McNamera
soldier and Army spouse -Deceased 2008

Archie M. Means
US Army Air Corps World War II -Deceased 2016

Gerald Bruce Mirra
-Deceased 2015

Lieutenant Colonel Corbitt Russell Moore
World War II -Deceased 2007

Lieutenant Harold E. Moore
U.S. Army Korean War Era -Deceased 2020

Lieutenant Arthur S. Nabben
US Army E Troop, 2d Squadron, 3d Armored Cavalry Regiment, KIA in Vietnam -Deceased 1971

Margaret R. Norris
Army spouse, Army mother -Deceased 2012

Major John Norris
World War II and Korea -Deceased 2015

Captain Edwin G. Northrop
US Army 79th Artillery Regiment, 1st Cavalry Division, KIA in Vietnam -Deceased 1972

Colonel Donald E. Nowland
US Army Vietnam -Deceased 2017

Lieutenant Terrence P. O'Boyle
US Army 17th Cavalry, 173d Infantry Brigade, KIA in Vietnam -Deceased 1970

Major General John Oblinger
Vietnam -Deceased 2016

Captain Jenifer Schaffer Odom
204th Military Intelligence Battalion -Deceased 1999

Command Sergeant Major Joe Offutt
Korea -Deceased 2016

First Sergeant Beecher Olive
U. S. Army World War II, China-Burma-India Theater -Deceased 2011

Captain Frank G. Oliver
US Army 60th Aviation Company, 1st Aviation Brigade, KIA in Vietnam -Deceased 1972

Colonel John E. Oristian
U.S.Army (Retired) Vietnam and Germany -Deceased 2009

General Glenn K. Otis
Vietnam -Deceased 2013

Pauline G. Ouelette
Army Wife and Mother -Deceased 2020

Mrs. Pauline G. Ouellette
Army Spouse; Army Mother -Deceased 2020

Chief Warrant Officer Four John Page
-Deceased 2014

Lieutenant William A. Pahissa
US Army 101st Airborne Division, KIA in Vietnam -Deceased 1970

Colonel Ronald Lee Peden
Vietnam -Deceased 2015

Chief Warrant Officer Four Coy Wayne Pennington
Vietnam -Deceased 2014

Colonel Morris W. Pettit
World War II -Deceased 2012

Colonel Robert C. Pollard
-Deceased 2018

Edna Ruth Ramsey
U.S. Army Spouse -Deceased 2007

Lieutenant Colonel Henry Bessemer Richmond III
US Army Vietnam -Deceased 2019

Lieutenant Colonel Kathy Lynn Fix Douglas Riggs
-Deceased 2014

Major General William H. Riley, Jr.
US Army Vietnam -Deceased 2019

Brigadier General Ernst E. (Ernie) Roberts
Korean War -Deceased 2014

Colonel Zigmund "Zig" Roebuck
Vietnam -Deceased 2017

Major General John Rossi
Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm and Iraq -Deceased 2016

Colonel Jeffrey W. Russell
Ordnance Corps 1971-1996 -Deceased 2010

Major Wilbur E. "Sandy" Sanford
World War II, Korean War, Vietnam -Deceased 2014

Captain Paul C. Sawtelle
US Army L Company, 75th Infantry, 101st Airborne Division, KIA in Vietnam -Deceased 1971

Lieutenant Colonel Henry J. Schroeder
US Army 1st Squadron, 1st Cavalry, Vietnam (Died of combat wounds) -Deceased 1991

Brigadier General Anson Schulz
Vietnam -Deceased 2011

Sergeant Gerald F. Scott
Korean War, 9th Infantry -Deceased MIA, reportedly captured 12 Feb 1951

Paul Seibel
-Deceased 2013

Brian Shafer
Beloved Son of Jana and Steve Shafer -Deceased 2016

General John M. Shalikashvili
Vietnam -Deceased 2011

Lieutenant Jonathan C. Shine
US Army 2d Battalion, 6th Infantry, 9th Infantry Division, KIA in Vietnam -Deceased 1970

Lieutenant General Wilson A. "Dutch" Shoffner
Vietnam -Deceased 2014

Beverly Shoffner
Army spouse, Army mother -Deceased 2013

Lieutenant Joseph A. Silva
US Army 1st Battalion, 12th Infantry, 4th Infantry Division, KIA in Vietnam -Deceased 1970

Colonel Keith Skidmore
Vietnam -Deceased 2016

Major Douglas E. Sloan
1st Battalion, 32d Infantry, 10th Mountain Division -Deceased killed in Afghanistan, October 2006

Captain William H. Smith
-Deceased 2015

Karma Smith
Army Spouse -Deceased 2020

Lieutenant James L. Smith
US Army 75th Infantry, KIA in Vietnam -Deceased 1971

Chief Warrant Officer Four George Robert Snead
US Army Vietnam -Deceased 2020

George Walker Snyder
U.S. Army civilian -Deceased 2012

William Daniel (Bill) Souder
-Deceased 2015

Mildred "Minnie" Steele
Army Spouse, Army Mother -Deceased 2019

First Lieutenant Howard Marshall Steinfeld
killed in Vietnam -Deceased 1971

Colonel Robert Winston Stephens
US Army Air Corps and US Air Force World War II -Deceased 1960

Lieutenant Colonel Francis R. Stevens
World War II -Deceased MIA 1942

Captain J.O. Stewart, Jr., USAF
-Deceased 2016

Technical Sergeant Thomas Melvin Stroud, Sr.
USAF Vietnam -Deceased 2018

Ronald F. Stuart, Jr.
Army Son -Deceased 2015

Miriam Gay Sullivan (Mrs. Gordon R. Sullivan)
Army Spouse -Deceased 2014

Terese "Terri" Taylor
Army Spouse, Army Mother -Deceased 2019

Captain Harry L. Thain
US Army KIA in Vietnam -Deceased 1972

LT John W. Titus
US Navy -Deceased 2018

Major Leon Tomlinson
Vietnam -Deceased 2015

Captain George H. Troxell, Jr.
1945-1954 -Deceased 2007

Colonel Shirly Ray Trumps
World War II and Vietnam -Deceased 2006

Marion C. Vonnegut
U.S. Air Force Spouse -Deceased 2016

Shannon Waldron
Army Daughter -Deceased 2017

Kathy T. Walthes
U.S. Army Spouse -Deceased 2011

Specialist Howard F. Wiggins
1st Battalion, 18th Artillery, Vietnam 1967 -Deceased 2012

Doctor John D. Wilbanks
US Army - World War II -Deceased 2016

Captain John J. Woodrum
US Army 2nd Squadron, 17th Cavalry, 101st Airborne Division, KIA in Vietnam -Deceased 1971

Colonel John Yeisley
Vietnam -Deceased 2017

Captain Kenneth J. Yonan
US Army Military Assistance Command, Vietnam (MIA - 1972) -Deceased 1979

Lieutenant Colonel Robert John Young
U.S. Army Korean War -Deceased 2009

Arline Zbikowski
Army Spouse -Deceased 2012